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"A home away from home, where every child is cherished."

The Honey Tree is a preschool and child care center dedicated to taking care of the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of children and providing a safe, healthy, happy environment. We care for children ages six weeks to twelve years.

At The Honey Tree we strive to help each child to be the best they can be. We provide children with experiences to develop their cognitive skills and creativity. We use hands-on manipulatives and unit themes, as well as developmental activities.

We invite you to come by and visit The Honey Tree anytime.


Emma Benjamin - May 31, 10:43 am
Good morning everybody today is wonderful Wednesday, May 31. Thank you Shelly for sending the pictures on Friday Ja’leisa enjoyed the pajama party. It was great it! I hope everybody enjoyed their long Memorial day weekend. My daughter and I would like to thank everybody at Honey Tree who had apart in Ja’leisa childhood development. We really love Honey Tree. We hate to say goodbye! This is Ja’lesia’s last year 2023. She started at the center at 5 months old. She will be headed to kindergarten. We thank everybody for taking great care of Ja’lesia. A Big shout out to her teacher Ms. Shelly you are amazing! Thank you for getting her ready for the upcoming school year as an Kindergarten 👍🏾. A Biggest shout out to Mrs. Helen and Mrs. Minnie for running an awesome 👏🏽 Center the best on the north side of Houston. We love 💕 and great 👍🏾 appreciation everyone. Thank you! Thank you and Thanks! From Ja’leisa Benjamin grandma and mother 🙏🏾🥰😜. We will keep in touch 🤗

July 2021

My 6 year old daughter went to the Honey Tree beginning when she was 1 up until she started Pre K and my almost 2 year old son attends now. The Honey Tree has the most genuine and caring staff and Ms. Helen treats all of the kids like they’re her grandkids. My daughter learned so much while there and still looks back on it with good memories and my son who started 2 months ago has already increased how much he is talking. Overall it’s been a safe, loving environment for my children as well as an educational one and I would recommend them to everyone.



~ Brianna Smith

April 2019

Ms. Helen and her staff are very warm and welcoming. They have been in the community for over 35 years. My child has only known this daycare and he loves all the teachers he has ever had. He enjoys going to daycare every day and they serve him good meals. If there is a problem with any food we can simply pack him something else. Tuition here is very reasonable and hours of operation are amazing compared to other daycare facilities. The staff are very flexible and if there are any issues with anything they will contact you immediately. I truly cannot thank Ms. Helen enough for all her years of service to this community.



~ Anna Harvey

May 25, 2017

Keira and Keegan have been at The Honey Tree since they were 22 months old. Since today is their last day of elementary school, it means it’s also their last day here under the care of Ms. Helen and her amazing staff, many of whom have been here since we enrolled our kids 9 years ago. 4 kids downand 1 to go. We will still have Grayson there for the next few years, so they aren’t getting rid of our family quite yet. “A home away from home where every child is cherished.”


~ Brooke Martin Davis feeling thankful at The Honey Tree

As a first time mother the thought of dropping my child off at daycare, after only seven weeks, made me very nervous. Lucky for me I found The Honey Tree.

My husband and I stopped in one day to look the place over and encountered Edie, who was friendly and hospitable. She explained the schedule, pricing and gave us a tour of the facility. She explained that multiple employees had worked there for many years and also told us about Helen who has owned and operated The Honeytree for over 30 years. I was warming to the place but still had questions. I looked online and found positive reviews. I asked neighbors and coworkers if they knew anything about the place. Several people had either taken their children there or knew someone who did. All comments were positive. I then called around to other day cares to compare prices. And again I was pleasantly surprised-very competitively priced. We decided to give them a shot….

I dropped my baby off the first day and was greeted by Minnie – what a nice lady. She has been working there for 25 years. Her daughter works there, too. They are both friendly and professional. Each of the ladies that tend to my son on a daily basis are the same way. They communicate with me about how and what he is doing every day and keep it neatly documented on a paper for me to take home. In the event of a concern, Helen calls me directly to address the issue. The daycare is in an old building but is clean and inviting.

Bottom line – I feel comfortable each day when I drop him off. I don’t worry about him during my work day because I know he is in responsible and capable hands. Thank you to Anita, Donisha, Mylie and Prithwee. I appreciate you all.

~ Amanda Stankevitz(proud mom of Samuel)

“A home away from home where every child is cherished” is exactly what The Honey Tree is. As a first time mom, I searched for months looking for the best place to take my newborn. It was critical that the center was safe, reliable, friendly and caring. As a teacher, it was important that there was a sound curriculum in place. The Honey Tree not only had all of these qualities, they by far surpassed my highest expectations. Both of my children have been blessed to have the opportunity to attend. The center is warm and welcoming and the staff is the absolute best you will find anywhere! I am asked often for suggestions about childcare. I always say, “I don’t know where you have looked, but I know where you need to take your children.”

~ Emily Mother of Caleb and Maya


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